HistoricaL  European          MarTial Arts



The Phoenix Society is an affiliate of the HEMA Alliance and teaches Historical European Martial Arts.

We use source material from the past to re-create the fencing of the past.

The Phoenix studies, trains, spars, and hosts competitions and events.



Phoenix Society Members!


   Following the Governor's Executive Orders The club will be closed all of July. We are disappointed to not be meeting but will update you as the State updates us! Check in with our website and on Facebook.


Richard and John


 Closed through July. 


What if I'm new?  Not a problem. Show up monday

Thursday, Saturday and we'll take care of you. Come as you are- no gear needed!




$10 for the first visit.

ALL MEMBERS - Must register and pay to be a HEMA Alliance member. This is your insurance and costs $26 a year. Write yourself down as a member of the Phoenix Society.

$20 per regular session. 

$200 for quarterly membership. Attend as many sessions as you like. That's right! As many as you want!

$600 for yearly membership. Attend as many sessions as you like. You get a wooden shelf for your gear at the club if available!


1829 E. Indian School Road

Phoenix Arizona 85016

Parking available just a small walk South East where it says Gunstore Parking Only. You can park there- quite alright!



TUESDAY: 7PM-9PM $25 per session for Vinas Arnis, Filipino Martial Arts. Ask for Russel.

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 12 PM - Black Sun Boxing, MMA, Wing Chun and more. Ask for Sol. Prices vary.

In the East Valley look for the HEMAA Affiliate Mordhau and check out their hours and times.

In Tucson look for the HEMAA Affiliate 

Tucson Historical Fencing and check out their hours and times.


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