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The Phoenix Society is an affiliate of the HEMA Alliance and teaches Historical European Martial Arts. This means we look at masters from Europe's past and try to re-create their art. See some of what we teach.

We teach the use of many weapons including, but not limited to, the longsword, saber, and rapier. We use source material to do this and the years of experience from our instructors.

We try to teach our students quickly so that they can get into sparring where their art can be applied. We often go to events and host our own.

We do not seek to teach lifelong students, but instead teach our students to become competent, so they in turn can teach others.

Our Systems of Study

Learn Different Historical Systems Today

  • When Can I Start?
    We'll always welcome new fighters at any one of our classes, but we set aside the first Saturday of each month for new fighters. During our first Saturday sessions you'll get a comprehensive review of HEMA and what our club does.
  • When Is Class?
    Monday: 7-9pm (Longsword, All level welcome!) Wednesday: 7-9pm (Sparring Practice with Various Weapons) Thursday: 7-9pm (Rapier) Friday: 7-9pm (Saber) Saturday : 10am-1pm (All Weapons) First Saturday of the month: 12:30 PM-1:30PM (Starting out. New students and walk-ins welcome) Last Sunday of the month: 1PM - 3PM (Cutting Class) Lightsaber 6PM-8PM (Inquire here! They're a group leasing from us) Kendo Saturday: 5pm-7pm (Inquire here! They're a group leasing from us)
  • What Do I Wear?
    For your first session just wear comfortable work out clothes and gym shoes. Please wear shoes that do not have a heavy tread. What we don't provide is protective cups for men, so please bring your own. When you first come to the club we will provide you with almost everything you need. For women, we do have plastrons for the chest. An example of our full uniform is red socks, knee-pants, club shirt, and proper shoes. Our club shirts can be purchased online at For when you are ready to get your own gear, our suggested gear list can be checked out here.
  • What Does It Cost?
    All members must get insurance through HEMAA as members of the Phoenix Society at only $26 for the year. Club Fees Drop Ins: $20 per session. All others attend as many sessions as you like. ​ Quarterly. $300 Available January, April, July, and October. Half-Year: $500 Available January and July. ​ Yearly: $850 Available in January.
  • How To Pay?
    We accept cash or Zelle / Paypal PHXSWORD@GMAIL.COM. We are a non-profit. All money goes into club operations.

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