Join The Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship as we train you to be duel ready in just 30 days! We'll look at period sources from fencing masters who lived through some incredibly brutal times to understand the art of fencing with a wide variety of weapons. We'll take you through a tour of European weaponry but our instruction will focus on the longsword, a surprisingly quick weapon that was the go-to weapon for civil duel for over 200 years.


Our 5 class program will include small group and one-on-one training from noted experts such as Richard Marsden, author of The Polish Saber and editor of the The Flower Of Battle as translated by Benjamin Winnick, as well as John Patterson who has won fencing awards at tournaments across the country. 


Each class will take place Saturdays from 10 AM - 1PM, starting October 3rd. Our series will culminate in a special Sunday class where you will be able to cut through targets with a sharp longsword. 


A Note On COVID-19: We're taking COVID-19 serious at the Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship. That is why our facility and equipment is regularly disinfected. During instruction you may be asked to wear a mask and, take a temperature test,  and sanitize your hands upon entry to our facility. That said, this class will involve some close contact; we encourage those feeling sick or experiencing a cough, fever, or loss of taste, to stay home and speak to us regarding accomodating your missed lesson.

Duel Ready In 30 Days