About Our CLub



HEMA: We teach Historical European Marital Arts. This means we look at masters from Europe's past and try to re-create their art. See some of what we teach.

Weapons: We teach the use of many weapons including, but not limited to, the longsword, saber, and rapier. We use source material to do this and the years of experience from our instructors.

Sparring: We try to teach our students quickly so that they can get into sparring where their art can be applied. We often go to events and host our own.

From Student to Teacher: We do not seek to teach lifelong students, but instead teach our students to become competent, so they in turn can teach others.














First Session: Your first session just wear comfortable work out clothes and gym shoes

Please print and sign the Waiver of Liability 

We have them on hand if needed.

Be aware of our SAFETY POLICY

Loaner Gear: When you first come to the club we will provide you with almost everything you need. What we don't provide is protective cups for men, so please bring your own. For women, we do have plastrons for the chest.


Uniform: Our club shirt costs $15. Please wear shoes that do not have a heavy tread. An example of our full uniform is above. Red socks, knee-pants, club shirt, and proper shoes.


Member Dues:

$20 per session and you must also pay $26 to be a member of the HEMA Alliance under the Phoenix Society.

$200 for Quarterly.

Available January, April, July,  October

$600 Yearly lets you take care of all of your quarterly fees right away. You get a shelf to store your gear. Available in January.


Monday: 7PM-9PM

Wednesday: 7PM-9PM

Thursday: 7PM-PM

Saturday 10AM-1PM

1829 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Just East of the 51 Freeway and Indian School